Multi Family Case Studies

Type : Multi Family  Units : 24  Price : $3,320,000

Type : Multi Family

Units : 24

Price : $3,320,000

Located in the east area of Hollywood, we generated multiple offers for this asset and advised the Seller to select the buyer most probable to close with minimal concessions. Because of an exchange the Seller was involved with, the transaction could close no later than a certain date. However, during that month the financial markets collapsed and the lender delayed the funding. Some creative problem solving coupled with the ability to capitalize on our deep relationships with various service providers allowed the transaction to close on time.

Type : Multi-Family Units : 10 Price : $985,000

Type : Multi-Family
Units : 10
Price : $985,000

Located in the south east area of Hollywood, we received multiple offers for the asset. However in light of the market environment, most offers were tendered at 10% or more less than the asking price. With appropriate marketing we secured an offer for 4% below the offering price. During the course of the transaction several obstacles related to the financing arose that could have derailed the closing. However, we restructured the terms to protect our client’s position and ensure the transaction closed.

Type : Multi-Family Units : 48 Price : $2,400,000

Type : Multi-Family
Units : 48
Price : $2,400,000

Located in the MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles, we located this property for a client and positioned him as the most qualified and palatable buyer. We employed  proven negotiating strategies to secure the best possible terms while protecting our client’s interests. This particular transaction was unique given previous citations assessed against the building and time constraints to close the transaction. We took the utmost care to ensure the necessary issues were resolved and managed to close on time.